Professional Canadian Model

Krystal Love is a professional model with years of experience working in the fashion industry. She is available for photo shoots, modelling and public appearances. For booking enquiries please contact us at


Krystal Love was born & raised in Toronto, Ontario. She grew up in a small family, & was raised by her single mother who immigrated from Ireland a few years prior to her birth. Being the daughter of a single mother of two is what gave her a rare sense of strength & inspiration. Although Krystal Love was quite the rebel as a young girl, it was the strength of her mother that instilled such longing ambition within her. The hardships of Krystal's upbringing possessed her with a passion for creative expression & writing. Just like most young girls growing up in the city, Krystal always dreamt of being in the spotlight.

Once Krystal Love turned 19, her passion for creativity transformed into a love for the lens. She evolved quickly into an experienced model in as little as a year, making great connections & always leaving behind a positive impression through her genuine, out-going personality. People thoroughly enjoy working with Krystal Love not only because of her many talents, but because of her humble attitude.

Krystal Love is available for professional photo-shoots, photography workshops, brand promotions, blogging, & more!